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x-bags x-tra diaper bag Product Name:earmuff with headphone
Product Model:XMQ008B
products name Earmuff with headphone
description and special Cable knit fabric; with plug in/out headphone
material  100% Acrylic
size 16X19CM
weight:(重量) 110g
art no:(货号) XMQ008B
MOQ: (起定量) 2000 pcs per style
price FOB:(价钱,约莫) $3.45/pc
capacity of production/month (月供才能) 80 000 pcs
lead time (消费工夫) 45 days
packing and carton size(通例包装,纸箱尺寸) 1pc/polybag,60pcs/carton,Carton size:52X37X45cm
special for products(产物特性) Multi color available
samples time(样品工夫) 7 days
test of products(是不是经由过程测试) CE
remarks (别的备注)
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